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Circuit Training with Spot Me Support

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Circuit Training with Spot Me

Studies show that circuit training is the most time efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. Aslo, circuit training helps women to achieve their goals and maintain them longer than other forms of exercise or diet.

Don demonstrates how he uses Spot Me Products to deliver the best results for his clients at all levels of fitness in a non judgemental environment. Weak Core, Weak Knees, Weak Back.  Spot Me Products will support your exercise for more reps, better form, and increased strength.  

Outdoor Fitness with Spot Me

Outdoor exercise, also known as “green exercise,” combines two health-enhancing activities: moving your body and getting outdoors. And the results are exceptional. If you’re looking to enhance your mood, improve your circulation and build strength and balance, look no further than Spot Me Products.

Toni is an instructor for group classes using Spot Me Products.  The class is having a good time training alongside everyone with all different ages and fitness levels.  Without the pain, without the discomfort, it is a big game changer to give you the confidence to get fit and do it safely.  

Product Features

1.5” Nylon Webbing

Heavy duty nylon webbing offers a unique combination of strength and stretch. With tensile strength ratings up to  7000 lbs. per inch of width and a natural ability to stretch approximately 5-7% at rated capacity and approximately 30-33% at breaking strength, nylon webbing is the ideal choice.

Assistance Bands

Specially designed for our assistance training workouts, Spot Me Products use natural rubber tubing, which provide a smooth, comfortable and consistent movement.  These bands are our secret sauce to providing a way for you to build strength and balance.  The manufacturing process to make these bands have given us confidence that they can hold up to the rigorous and frequent use that our diverse clients from physical therapists, personal trainers, fitness facilities, spinal cord injury centers, to you.  We have overengineered our snap clips to twice the allowable size to accommodate the upmost feeling of confidence and surety while in use.  Each band is specially weighted in four weights for assistance; 50lbs., 40lbs., 30lbs., & 20lbs..

YKK Zipper

One zipper gone wrong can render an entire garment unwearable. Thus consistent quality is a must for reputable fashion brands. For decades now, apparel makers who can’t afford to gamble on cut-rate fasteners have overwhelmingly turned to a single manufacturer. YKK, the Japanese zipper behemoth, makes roughly half of all the zippers on earth. More than 7 billion zippers each year.

Medical Grade Stainless Steel Rings – 1” & 2”

Solid Type 316 stainless steel - superior strength and rust resistance over other stainless grades.  Versatile for heavy loads and various uses for a diverse amount of exercise movements and positions. 


Surpassing industry standards at 6mm Shark Skin Neoprene, the ultra-dense cushioning helps protect joints with comfort and non-slip fit.  Double stitch cap and 1.5" Nylon Webbing Spline to ensure that this seat will hold heavy loads and use in all environments that prove to last far longer than the next diet craze!!

Sleeve & Hand Grips

The sleeves are constructed of high quality materials for strong performance and Anti-scratch wear resistance.  Good hardware, highest quality zippers and buckles ,make it durable and very comfortable to carry you throughout your workout routines.

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