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Our team has researched many products and methods for physical therapy, recovery training, diet, and exercise.  Everything we have found was great in ways of method and science, BUT there was one commonality that rang through, it wasn’t  FUN!!!

Spot Me Support

Our focus came to develop a device that is versatile enough to be used for anyone that needs physical activity and make it FUN!!  Our support technology allows the user to return to that state of “childlikeness”, with the ability to move again, with precision and confidence.


Spot Me Products have developed an amazing piece of equipment that supports bodyweight during physical activity.  Creating a sustainable, long-term solution to anyone that is inactive and in need of a functional, safe, and convenient start.

Spot Me Support

Spot Me Products knows that people who are elderly, obese, or injured have a greater need for physical activity, yet stand at a greater disadvantage, than people who are young, active, and healthy.  Using the Spot Me Products will neutralize the disadvantage and give anyone the ability to gain in the following areas:

  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Recovery

Spot Me Support

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